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Santa Goes Green

On Thursday evening, December 20th, at 6:00 p.m., the El Monte Elementary School Chorus presented, “Santa Goes Green.” Eve Albright, music teacher and director, led this event, along with assistance from Carissa Sugden for decorations, sound and lights, and Kathy Davis, CARES director, for providing winter scenes and treats. The production utilized the talents of many fourth and fifth graders, and was enjoyed by many parents, friends and staff. As with so many events at El Monte, it took a team effort for the success of this fun musical.

Santa Goes Green
Carol Herbst

Among those supporting the event were Christina Boman, principal, and Linn Kissinger, program specialist. Teachers offered encouragement and kept flexible schedules, while parents guided students to memorize lines, and prepare costumes. PTA provided support as well, along with extra work from custodians Johnnie White and Yesenia Rocha. Office staff Jean Sabolevsky and Kim Currey fielded extra phone calls and questions, in addition to their already busy days!

Although this presentation could be considered a holiday tradition, there was nothing traditional about the songs being sung, which included titles such as, “The Greenhouse Effect,” and “Recycle the Fruitcake.” Characters included Santa and Mrs. Claus, played by Karter and Charlotte. Elves were Constance, Christine, Rachel, Carmen, Brittany, Camille, and Alexandria. Rudolph was Tyler, Dasher, Gabriela, Vixen, Tiffany, Comet, Laura, and other reindeer included Brittany, Ieasha, Anastasia, Jacqueline, Maryvier, and Tiffany. Unexpected guests were penguins Rachel, Erica, Maryvier, and Tiffany, and trees Tiana and Keeley. Toy soldiers included Connor, Anastasia, Ieasha, and Vanessa. To top off the list was the snowman, Leon.

Yes, many of the students played more than one character in this lively production. With only five more days to Christmas, there was plenty of energy and excitement to lend to the presentation!