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Santa Fe Spirits' gift pack rings in the New Year right

Santa Fe Spirits
Santa Fe Spirits
Santa Fe Spirits

It’s the New Year, so is there any better excuse to celebrate with a few libations? The folks at Santa Fe Spirits think not, which is why they have created a gift pack in two sizes 200ml or 50ml filled with all of your favorite spirits.

We love the small collection packaged in a handmade wooden crate, which features a delicious Apple Brandy (made from New Mexico apples), Wheelers Gin (containing White Desert Sage, Cholla Cactus Blossom, Osha root, Cascade Hope and Local Juniper), Silver Coyote Un-aged Whiskey made from 100 percent malted barley and the six-time distilled, smooth tasting Expedition Vodka made from corn.

Each of these spirits is handcrafted with a southwestern flair. Colin Keegan, the owner of Santa Fe Spirits, founded the company when he lost his job as an architect by a downturn in the economy and decided to use the apple orchard he had to produce spirits. Today, he now has five spirits sold in five states in the Southwest.

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