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Santa Fe campus ministries 101: the CMC

Santa Fe College (it's no longer a community college) has an interesting program called Campus Ministries Cooperative (CMC). Getting involved in a campus ministry can bring many short and long term benefits to a student. Go here to find reasons to get involved with one Campus-ministries.

Santa Fe College's website states that "The Campus Ministry Cooperative is organized to provide a network through which campus ministers can work together while allowing for the individual autonomy of each member." The CMC consists of 17 local "ministries" that are not all Christian. It includes organizations such as the Jewish Student Center and Islamic Center of Gainesville. According to the website,, The purpose of the cooperative is to educate and guide students in their spiritual/religious search. Their hope is that through dialogue with representatives from the various religions a student can make an educate decision on where to go. The cooperative is supposed to help students find their place in a ministry without the ministries competing against each other for new converts.

I find the idea of the cooperative refreshing and hopeful, but how useful it is, is not clear. What also isn't clear is how and who you are supposed to contact to get information. Santa Fe says there are "Campus Administrators" who "are often the first contact students make when they are in crisis." But there is not a list of who these "Administrators" are or where they can be found. There is a list of addresses and phone numbers to contact the various ministries, but none of them are on campus, nor do they give business hours or any names. Here is a list of the Christian ministries provided:

    * Baptist Collegiate Ministries 1604 W. University Ave. 376-4405
    * Christian Study Center of Gainesville 112 NW 16th St. 379-7375
    * Presbyterian Student Center 1402 W. University Ave. 376-7539
    * Emmanuel Mennonite Church 1320 W. University Ave. 377-6577
    * Episcopal Chapel of the Incarnation 1522 W. University Ave. 372-8506
    * First Lutheran Church 1801 NW 5th Ave. 376-2062
    * Latter Day Saints Institute of Religion 1220 SW 5th Ave. 372-7060
    * Religious Society of Friends - Quakers 702 NW 38th St. 372-1070, 372-5911
    * Catholic Student Center, St. Augustine’s 1738 W. University Ave. 372-3533
    * Trinity Metropolitan Community Church 11604 SW Archer Rd. 495-3378
    * United Church of Gainesville (UCC) 1624 NW 5th Ave. 378-3500
    * University Lutheran Church & Campus Center 1826 W. University Ave. 373-6945
    * University United Methodist Church 1320 W. University Ave. 372-8183

Aside from the CMC, there are three "official" campus ministries listed under "Student Organizations" on Santa Fe's website. There are links provided that give lots of information about when and where to find them.  Here they are:

If you have reliable transportation and are looking for a college ministry I also suggest looking here UF-Campus-ministries for a list of other great campus ministries.

A another option would be a local church. The benefits of a local church with a college ministry cannot be over-looked. But I strongly suggest finding a church with a college ministry if you are of that age. College students have special needs that local churches without a ministry with that focus have difficulty meeting. Good luck on your search. I hope you find the truth.