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Santa contacted to deliver more toys and less sweaters

One of the most popular toys from Discovery Toys
One of the most popular toys from Discovery Toys

No, it was not the grandmothers united that rallied.  Yes it was the children who wrote to Santa and asked for toys.  It happens every year.  The following are on the list of most popular toys for Discovery Toys :

Marbleworks, Whiz Kidz, Castle Marbleworks, Sounds Like Fun CD, Place & Trace, Super Yummy, Boomerings, Measure Up Cups, Giant Pegboard, Hammer Away, Playful Patterns, Bright Builders

The company recently stated that these toys are available and can still arrive on time for the holidays. Shipping out of Livermore, CA makes the delivery easier for Santa. Each toy has a 100% guarantee and has been kid tested for fun guarantee.

The toys have lasting value because many can be used by a group of children which helps them learn social skills like sharing, taking turns and fair play.  These toys are not available in stores and must be ordered before Dec 15 to arrive in time for placement under the tree.