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Santa Barbara's West Beach Music & Arts Festival in a legal battle


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As ticket sales are on the rise and money is changing hands trouble may lurk around the corner for the West Beach Music & Arts Festival in Santa Barbara.

The all-ages festival located west of Santa Barbara’s Stearn's Wharf has fired back in a legal battle against former band booker Jackie Kane

Earlier today.Pacific Coast Business Times Reported

  "In August, Jackie Kane, another concert organizer, sued Twiin. She alleged that she’d been frozen out of her share of the 2008 festival and barred from working on the 2009 festival as she’d been promised. She asked for $500,000.

Joshua and Jeremy Pemberton, the owners of Twiin, have counter sued. They also have been granted a motion disqualify Kane’s lawyer because his firm had inside knowledge of one of the defendant’s books from prior work the firm had done.

In suing back, the Pembertons allege they paid Kane the $35,000 that she was owed. They also allege that Kane slandered them in the music industry and tried to take over their company."

It should make for an interesting summer inside the Santa Barbara court house. Something says this is only the beginning of a very long fight. What do you think?

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