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Santa Barbara drive-by shooter identified: YouTube video suggests premeditation

A Hollywood director's son is identified as the shooter responsible for the six people dead in the drive-by shootings in Santa Barbara. An attorney for Peter Rogers, an assistant director for “The Hunger Games,” said the family has been told that their son, Elliot Rogers, had died in the shooting rampage, according to NBC News on May 24.

Santa Barbara drive-by shootings: Elliot Rogers YouTube videos discovered. They are disturbing and sound as if all that was done was premeditated.
YouTube/ Elliot Rogers

The death of the shooter of these six killings makes this a tragedy of seven total fatalities. The shooter’s name is Elliot Rogers, who police just officially identified as the 22-year-old gunman.

Seven people were also wounded in the attack in what police said was “obviously the work of a mad man.” The family of the Elliot Rogers called police several weeks ago after discovering a disturbing YouTube video he had created. That video can be seen above. In the video Elliot mentions getting 'retribution' on girls because they pass him by and don't find him attractive.

The video was about “suicide” and “killing people.” Police interviewed Elliot Rogers at the time the family reported the video. The authorities found him to be a “perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human,” reports Shifman, the family’s attorney.

The attorney said that police did say that Elliot had a hard time making friends and that he didn’t have any girlfriends. They also found that there was no history of guns with this young man.

The 22-year-old man driving a BMW went on a drive-by shooting rampage on Friday night near a Santa Barbara, California university. The rampage left seven dead, including Rogers. Seven others were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

The gunman was found dead with a gunshot wound in his head inside his car after it had hit a tree. It is not clear if the fatal gunshot wound was delivered by the Rogers himself, or if a police bullet had killed the man.

Rogers got into two gun battles with police during the time he was unloading bullets out his car window randomly at people who just happened to be on the street. The University of California, Santa Barbara campus was the area the shooter took on as his hunting ground.

ABC News reports that Rogers vowed "retribution" in his YouTube video. It is believed he was targeting women, as the disturbing video that Rogers posted to YouTube appears to convey.

In the video he says “Girls have never been attracted to me.” He also said that he is still a virgin at age 22. The video appears to have been scripted and it runs for seven minutes. He talks about how he was slighted and how they (girls) will pay for what they've done.

These shootings took place over an area of a square mile and there are nine crime scenes involved in this investigation, which is on-going today.

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