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Sandy Rios Gay rights is a "war" between America-lovers and America's enemies

Sandy Rios
Sandy Rios
Fox News

In a February 11th, 2014 interview for OneNewsNow, Sandy Rios of the American Family Association once again lashed out with a comical exaggeration of the push for equality for the LGBT community in America.

Previously, Rios had insisted that Obama was comparable to Hitler and Mao and that gay rights are turning America into Soviet Russia.

Rios had also insisted, based on fraudulent data, that there is an LGBT abuse epidemic (and also found the time to accuse Obama of hating white people while she was at it).

This time, Rios complained about Attorney General Eric Holder's recent decision to extend many rights in the justice system to same-sex married couples — such as allowing them to file for bankruptcy, testify in court or visit family in prison — the same way they are permitted to heterosexual couples.

This, Rios declared, means the U.S. is now in "a war between people who love this country and want to protect and preserve it and their children and future generations, and those who literally want to undermine and destroy its laws, its nature, [and to] fundamentally transform it."

As a reminder, the people who believe in all that "liberty and justice for all" stuff are the ones Rios insists are the enemy.

Sandy Rios will have no better luck disguising her theocratic ambitions as a fight for freedom than Gordon Klingenschmitt had.

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