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Sandy Rios defends Austin Ruse's "words of life"

Sandy Rios
Sandy Rios
Fox News

On March 17, 2014, American Family Radio's Sandy Rios defended her former guest host Austin Ruse.

As this column reported, Ruse, while filling in for Sandy Rios, insisted that liberal professors should be "taken out and shot." As a result, American Family Radio has severed its ties with him, and one of the board members of his lobbying organization, the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), has resigned.

Rios now appears to be set on following Ruse out the door.

During the broadcast, Rios described Ruse's call to have his ideological opponents murdered "words of life."

"Austin was talking about the damage that's being done to innocent children in our culture, whether it's our children in public schools, whether it's those of you who handle and mold and shape their minds in colleges and universities," said Rios. "If you are in the business of defiling them, of perverting their innocence, of sexualizing them, it isn't us that condemns you, it's God himself."

Rios even stated that said she would have said the same thing as Ruse in private conversations, just not on the radio (apparently having completely forgotten that she was on the radio at the time).

"I think we've all in intemperate, uncareful moments of passion said things like that, but you can't say that at a radio microphone without their being some sort of response to it, so that's what Austin got, a big wave of negative response."

That may be true, but most people won't ever have the chance to say that sort of thing on the radio. As someone who actually works in broadcasting, Ruse and Rios should both known better.

Ruse's remarks were so irresponsible that he was disowned by the same network that continues to let Bryan "Truth Detector" Fischer broadcast for them. You have to really try to screw up that badly.

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