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Sandy Rios calls her critics "enemies of God"

Sandy Rios
Sandy Rios
Fox News

On March 24, 2014, Sandy Rios finally snapped and crossed the line between extremist conspiracy theorist and genuine psychotic madwoman.

She has finally done it. She has confused herself with God.

Rios literally said that anyone who has been critical of her is actually attacking God and will be condemned for it:

Don't you guys understand – those of you listening, who are listening to me because you think you're my enemy – you're really an enemy of God? Don't you understand who you're up against? You think you are actually going to hurt my feelings by those comments? You're not hurting my feelings. You make me worry about you because you don't understand who God is and you don't understand His righteousness and you don't understand that you're condemning yourselves with that stuff. So I worry for you, I don't worry for me, I'm not afraid of death.

What Rios appears to be trying to will herself to forget is that nobody is trying to hurt her feelings so much as to warn people not to get their news from a two-faced charlatan of the American Taliban.

Rios has been called out by this column predominantly for making comparisons to Hitler and the Soviets whenever the mood strikes her, as well as for peddling baseless conspiracy theories and known falsehoods clumsily disguised as journalism.

Now she has apparently reached a point where the only way she can think to try to defend herself is to name-drop God and threaten her critics with condemnation as if she had a divine endorsement.

Sandy Rios does not speak for God, and the American Taliban's war against reality continues to prove futile.

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