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Sandy could become big New England Storm and help chill Atlanta, Georgia

Tropical storm/hurricane Sandy will brush Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, Georgia this weekend with wind and waves the main impact. There's a certain big football game in Jacksonville Saturday.

The chilliest weather in a half year is descending into the country, whitening mountaintops and flatland territory across sections of 14 states.

It’s possible a stripe of accumulating snow may fall from South Dakota northward across Minnesota and into Ontario province in Canada.

Atlanta's unseasonable warm spells days are numbered as a cold front descends by Sunday and the Mid-Atlantic and New England storm system, potentially historic, both drive a Canadian chill in the SE. A day or two next week may have trouble getting out of the 50s with many areas seeing morning lows in the 30s. Halloween will be chilly for trick or treators.

Huge autumn storm could churn up offshore waves of 42 to 46 feet in the western Atlantic

With a series of key computer models projecting the potential for a mammoth storm coming together by this weekend and into next week along the Eastern Seaboard, residents and forecasters in the region are monitoring each new computer model run with great interest.

Tropical storm watches have been posted for the offshore waters of Florida where strengthening northeasterly winds threaten to first send large waves associated with the developing storm onshore--- with stormy seas developing farther north toward the Carolinas and into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in the days to come.

Questions and uncertainty regarding the precise movement of this system are very much in play. Tropical Storm Sandy gets this storm going. The tropical system, which formed several days ago over the Caribbean, threatens to strengthen to hurricane strength (74+ mph) before cold air becomes entrained in the blossoming system's back side.

Global supercomputer models like the ECMWF from the European Center and the NOGAPS model produced by the U.S. Navy---as well as some panels of the ensemble run of the Weather Service's GFS model---develop a huge storm capable of churning the waters of the Atlantic on a massive scale. Some model runs even bring the intense system into the Mid-Atlantic or New England late in the weekend or early next week. Other models head the storm out to sea after it rakes Bermuda.

Storm reminiscent of October 1991's "Perfect Storm" in its potential size and scope

The Perfect Storm in October 1991---also known as the "Halloween Nor-easter of October 1991"----may turn out to be a guide on aspects of this new system's development. Because, just as Hurricane Grace was absorbed into that storm---the developing system may incorporate Sandy into its mammoth cloud, wind and precipitation shield which could include snow in New England. The "Perfect Storm" was made famous in a book and movie of the same name.

The "Perfect Storm" in 1991 was responsible for $200-million in damage and 13 deaths.


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