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Sandwich Delivers The Goods - Without Sellers

Entrance to the Sandwich Fairgrounds. Gates open Sunday at 8AM. Admission is $5.
Entrance to the Sandwich Fairgrounds. Gates open Sunday at 8AM. Admission is $5.
Photo by Tim Weigard

If you were curious as to whether the Sandwich Antiques Fair found some footing with dramatically improved weather conditions this month, your Chicago Treasure Hunting Examiner is here to report there was good and not so great to be experienced out at the Sandwich Fairgrounds on Sunday.

The good came in the form of tremendous finds at reasonable/realistic prices. If you’re new to treasure hunting out at Sandwich, this is something of a new and very welcome development. While quality antiques have always found their way to this particular show, dealer prices remained significantly elevated, from this treasure hunter’s perspective, from similar goods at other venues until only recently.

For instance, yesterday one dealer was asking $100 for a vintage Rolleiflex TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) with original leather case, original box and all the manuals. It even had the original silver dual lens cap affixed, and the condition of all aforementioned components was absolutely exceptional. Now that’s a deal!

The downside to the event came with the unexpected shuttering of one of the two buildings where dealers typically set up, due to lack of seller attendance. The other building featured just a handful of reserved spaces, so no one will be surprised when this day in the park (and the fairgrounds really are beautiful) becomes an outdoor-only event. Your Chicago Treasure Hunting companion will keep you posted.