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Sands Alive and cloud dough safe creative play sand for toddlers and kids

Be creative with the kids and non-toxic fun sand to play in
Be creative with the kids and non-toxic fun sand to play in

There are several clean non-toxic ways for kids to play with sand or play-dough like dough in the home. Yes, it can still be messy but indoors or out use a large plastic tub to fill up the sand or dough in and have the kids play in there.

Let’s explore the fun ways kids can entertain and learn at the same time. The first one is making your own cloud dough. There are several blogs and recipes found online if you type cloud dough in your search engine.

Cloud dough is made using only two ingredients (flour and baby oil). Cloud dough is squishy and moldable. Find a great recipe and ideas on using cloud dough here. Use plastic cups, measuring cups, plastic spoons, shovels and toys to make shapes and to play with. Be sure to have a large enough bin to play with the dough in.

If you prefer not to use baby oil with the flour due try using vegetable using this recipe. This way in case a child accidently puts some in their mouth it should not harm them.

Sands Alive is what they call living sand for kids to play with. Consisting of sand and other natural ingredients, some say the texture of the sand reminds them of cotton candy, but compresses and molds like wet sand. Best of all it’s easy to clean off of your hands and 100% non-toxic and anti-bacterial, Living Sands won't stain and easily removes from your hands.

Sands Alive is indoor play sand for creative play and is water soluble and never dries out. Made from all natural ingredients and doesn’t stick to clothes. Clean-up is easy and using Sands Alive is super fun!

The Sands Alive Kits are great for building imagination and indoor or outside fun. There are starter kits, 2 lb. bags, a sandbox kit, a castle and a mermaid kit. Sands Alive is available at a discount price on the Joann website here plus they have an online video to see what the product is all about, or you can find it on Amazon and check out the reviews from other customers.

Kinetic Sand is an easy-to-shape sand that molds into simple designs. It is fun to make shapes out of and watch them fall apart. Make a fun snowman, castle or other shapes using the sand. The reviews are excellent on this one and can be hours of fun for all ages.

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