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Sandra's sister Gesine Bullock-Prado is becoming famous for what she's NOT saying

Sandra Bullock is so famous that even her sister can get internet buzz for doing absolutely nothing.

For some reason, the world wide web wants to know if the Oscar winner ate Easter Brunch with her sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, and her husband in some ultra-private location. Gesine (don't you just love that name?)says no such meal took place. Really, who cares, but apparently enough people care that the denial, admission or whatever it was that was said by Sandra's sister has all the blogosphere buzzing about, well, something ... apparently. Today, Gesine Bullock-Prado is one of the most searched terms out there. Wow. Watch for the soon-to-be-created reality show to dump teaser snippets on Youtube.

At one point in this torrid story of love-gone-wrong between Sandra Bullock and her tattooed-husband-philanderer Jesse James, I did feel sorry for Sandra. Her husband is the one breaking their marriage vows but she is the one who has to go into hiding, even missing a European open of her Oscar-winning film 'The Blind Side'. At best, that's not fair. At worst, it's a public slap in the face that comes with attorneys, publicists and other professional ready to make a buck off someone else's misery. Given the setup, I was all set to let Sandy be the victim and let the script play out as it may.

And then suddenly it became obvious that maybe Sandra Bullock isn't as smart as we all thought she was. For starters, did she really believe that marriage to a guy with arms full of tattoos, at least one ex-wife and a name like Jesse James would really love her till death do they part? Honestly, where would she be if she picked her screen roles as carelessly as she picks her husbands? Then, after one of the biggest accomplishments of her life (winning the Academy Award), she goes into hiding, basically telling her fans that her 'trauma' over her love life was more important than promoting the film and the work for which she had become famous. I understand when someone is in pain, but must you shut down completely and forget the contractual obligations to which you also committed to love, honor and obey? What could have been easily handled with a couple of carefully-scripted media appearances has now ballooned out of control, making the game of 'Where's Sandy' an international obsession from which she will possibly never escape, even if she does speak now and forget about holding her peace. Heck, the children in the marriage weren't even hers. How did one of the most powerful women in Hollywood allow all this destruction, character and otherwise, to happen?

What Ms. Bullock fails to realize is that by dodging the media completely, she is endangering the success that her next movie might bring and the probability that she will keep getting lucrative movie offers - and she is only making matters worse for herself. She has to look no further than Tom Cruise and a host of other celebrities whose off-screen wackiness and lack of candor ultimately starts turning the public off. Hopefully she realizes that movies are a business and that ultimately she is a business woman - and that if she hopes to stay in business, she needs to keep her brand intact and in front of the public eye. Right now, both of those images are in disarray. The public won't hold out forever, not in the internet age. She needs to start talking, end the marriage if that's her choice and assure her fans - her shareholders - that all is fine and business is great. If not, it may be that ultimately Jesse James wins and she loses. Yikes, that doesn't sound very smart to me.

I will never, ever understand why women need so badly to be a bride that they will truly marry just about anything that comes along. I understand needing love, but that doesn't mean you have to walk down the aisle and give up your name just to get a man into your life. In retrospect, Sandra's move to be a bride-princess seems ill-advised, especially when she could (and still can) probably have all the men and as many of them as she wants.

But, in the image game, one has to play by the rules and hope that a Chance card or a Get Out of Jail Free card won't turn against them. Ultimately, it's a rigged game unless you own the media, which, anymore, doesn't happen, even if you are Rupert Murdoch. I wish Ms. Bullock well, because she will need more than just savvy handlers to restore her to the throne of America's (More-or-Less Unscathed) Sweetheart. Hopefully, she'll focus more on her business and less on becoming a real-life fairy tale with a happily-ever-after ending.

Everyone knows fairy tales aren't real. And the ones that do involve human fairies generally don't get much public attention - or respect.



  • bevy 5 years ago

    #1 - it's HUSBAND as Ms. Bullock has been married only once.
    #2 - if she NEVER does another movie - that's her decision.
    #3 - she is ALREADY a business woman - having a couple restaurants and a production company.
    #4 - you have little mercy for her present situation - I suggest you cap it!
    #5 - you also have NO idea what women go thru when betrayed ... it's really painful ..
    #6 - Ms. Bullock may LIVE her life as she likes - she is a FREE woman.
    #7 - God BLESS her ...

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