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Sandra Lansky's memoir 'Daughter of the King: Growing Up in Gangland'

In her memoir Daughter of the King: Growing Up in Gangland Sandra Lansky tells the fascinating story of what it was like to growing up as the daughter of infamous mob boss Meyer Lansky. Sandra’s unusual background is full of contradictions, explored in this book. She may have been the daughter of a man who was at the forefront of organized crime but she had the upbringing akin to a debutante. Growing up, Sandra was an American Princess, surrounded by luxury, and attended finishing schools but hers was not always the typical life of a privileged rich girl. She was aware of her father’s dark secrets but as his child was also in a position to see a surprisingly tender side to his personality.

Wild, fun-loving and wealthy Sandra lived it up at El Morocco and the Stork Club, described as the Paris Hilton of her time. However, she would know more than a little heartache in her life, including a psychologically troubled mother and her younger brother’s physical disability, as well as drug addiction.

This book provides a personal view of Meyer Lansky, who was probably the most private mafioso of his generation. Sandra’s feelings of love and devotion toward this complex man come shining through, along with an insider’s depiction of a colorful era in organized crime and the iconic figures that dominated it.

Bestselling biographer Bill Stadiem was Sandra’s collaborator on the book. The foreword was written my Wise Guy author Nick Pileggi.

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