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Sandra Gilbert: Redefining women writers

Sandra Gilbert
Sandra Gilbert
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Susan Gilbert is the next feminist that we will be focusing on today. According to wikipedia, she is a Professor Emerita of English at the University of California, Davis. Susan Gilbert is an influential literary critic and poet who has published widely in the fields of feminist literary criticism, feminist theory, and psychoanalytic criticism. She is associated with Susan Gubar, with whom she co-authored, among other works, The Madwoman in the Attic (1979), a landmark in 1970s American feminism. Madwoman in the Attic is widely recognized as a text central to second-wave feminism.

Susan Gilbert and Susan Gubar often work together as critics of Feminist literary criticism and Feminist theory.. They were nominated as Ms. magazine's "Woman of the Year" in 1986 for their work as head editors of The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women: The Traditions in English.

Susan Gilbert was a feminist identified with the second wave of feminism which complained of a male dominant society and concentrated on reform for equal rights and pro choice.

Susan Gilbert and Susan Gubar write about the oedipus complex in literature. The oedipus complex comes from the Greek tragedy where oedipus kills his father because he is in love with his mother.Susan Gilbert and Susan Gubar make the comparison in literature. which happens when female writers have to compete in the male dominant world of male writers. The male writers become the father. The must kill the male dominant world of literature to find their rightful place."The Anxiety of Authorship" as they call it explains how the male authors are the father and women authors must compete. They do it but not well, female characters are often flighty and this is seen over and over again in both female and male texts. Strong female characters are rare as the female author must find her niche in the mail domination of the arts.

It might not seem to be impressive by younger women today but their combined work redefined the position of women in the literary world in the 1970s. Susan Gilbert and Susan Gubar won, “The National Book Critics Circle Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award—the Grammy of intellectual achievement—for "their pioneering work in feminist thought, which revolutionized criticism."

These women brought the problem out into the open and paved the way for female acceptance in the literary world.

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