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Sandra Fluke may run for Congress - Say it isn't so!

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Sandra Fluke, whose claim to fame is having been disrespected by conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, is possibly going to run for the United States Congress. Go figure.

Sandra Fluke flip-flops already and decides to not run for U.S. Congress - Amen to that! (Yet threatens to run for state office)

Sandra Fluke believes she has what it takes to be a Congressman from California. Oops! Better say Congresswoman or Congressperson when speaking to this lady. According to Time on Tuesday, Fluke has filed the necessary paperwork to attempt getting the Democratic endorsement for Rep. Harry Waxman’s seat in the House of Representatives. Waxman is retiring.

No less than a half-a-dozen times, this writer has used social media's Twitter to ask Ms. Fluke what she is doing, if she has a job, and other pertinent questions a writer/reporter would have about someone in the politically-tinged public eye. She never responded. Never! If this is how she treats the press, it’s not a good sign for her potential constituents either. She ignores questions she obviously doesn’t like or arrogantly has no need to answer. With her unwillingness to be responsive and open, it is hoped she will give the California residents a break – and stay in law and continue country-trotting in the name of women’s issues, if – in fact – that is what she’s doing these days.

From Fluke's past headlines with Rush Limbaugh, one knows she's all about women's rights. Her potential male constituents will likely be asking her soon: What have you done for "me" lately? She has an extremely biased-slant to her liberal politics which would make one wonder how representative she would be for the masses.

Let’s face it - she would not be a household name if Rush Limbaugh hadn’t called her a slut and a prostitute for her pleas for contraception. Many believe that was just Rush Limbaugh’s bad attempt at humor as others used the comments on his show to destroy him. Though Rush Limbaugh was incredibly wrong to call her such names – it’s also incredibly wrong that she capitalize on her negative-good fortune – being singled out by Limbaugh on his top rated talk show.

Fluke is apparently a lawyer. She’s obviously an activist. How does that qualify one to make laws for the citizenry? There has got to be more than “name recognition” via Limbaugh’s “diarrhea of the mouth” to be a candidate for high office in this country.

Nonetheless, Fluke is reportedly moving towards a run at Congress. Please, say it isn’t so.



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