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Sandra Bullock wins the best actress Oscar - sorry Meryl, maybe next year

Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock
Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock
Photo credit: NCM

In what seemed inevitable since she won the Screen Actor’s Guild Award on January 23rd, Sandra Bullock beat Meryl Streep for the Best Actress Academy Award tonight. Sandra Bullock, who acted in “The blind side” went on a winning streak this season including the critic’s choice awards, the Golden Globe and finally two Razzies last night for her other film this year “All about Steve”, where she won worst actress and worst on screen duo, an “honor” she shared with Bradley Cooper. She has become the first actress to win the Oscar and Razzie the same year. Meryl Streep, who was nominated for her role in “Julie and Julia” celebrated tonight her 16th Academy Award nomination, a new record beating out Katharine Hepburn who had 12 nominations and four wins. Streep won the Academy award for best supporting actress for the film “Kramer vs. Kramer” in 1979, and then won the best actress in a leading role for the film “Sophie’s choice” in 1982. Sandra Bullock celebrated her first nomination for “The blind side”, a film which also earned a surprise nomination for Best Picture. The film won over $250 million at the domestic box office, a very impressive number seeing as the film only cost $29 million to make.

Sandra Bullock was praised by actor Forest Whitaker who directed her in “Hope Floats”. Stanley Tucci praised Meryl Streep said that she was kind had a “collaborative nature, her natural humor, and was a great friend.” He went on to say that “Meryl Streep was simply the best”. The award, which was presented by Sean Penn was one of the most awaited for the whole night, and third to last. Sandra was received with a standing ovation, and looked nervous. “Did I really earn this or did I wear this down?” she started. She went on to praise all of the other actresses in the category and called Meryl Streep a great kisser. She went on to thank her mother really emotionally for teaching her not to car until she was 18, and for teaching her about there not being any race, age, color, sexual orientation that made her better than anyone. Her last words thanked her lover Meryl Streep showing that there are no grudges.

Other nominees in this category included Carey Mulligan for “An education”. Mulligan was once seemed like a sure win for the award, but because of a lack of campaigning and a very quick buzz loss, she became an underdog. Gabourey Sibide took her place, for the film, “Precious: based on the novel Push by Sapphire”, as she became a fan of campaigning and appeared in such shows as Ellen, where she showcased her joyful personality to the audience, and as such the academy. On Friday she won the independent spirit award for her role in the film which also earned her a Golden Globe nomination. She will soon appear in another independent film, “Yelling to the sky”, where she will play a bully. Mulligan will soon appear with her boyfriend Shia Labeouf in the sequel to “Wall Street”: “Wall Street: Money never sleeps”. Helen Mirren, who won in 2006 for her role in “The queen”, was also nominated this year for her role in “The last station”.

Although this can be seen as a snub for Meryl Streep, the academy has been known to pay a lot of attention to actors who make successful comebacks, like Sandra Bullock, and praise them with awards. Meryl Streep is nominated almost every year for an award, and although she never wins, the year where she does is approaching fast, and the Academy seems to be waiting for the perfect role to award her the prestigious accolade which will crown her as the Hollywood royalty she really is. Streep’s next project is titles “The Ice at the bottom of the world”, a family drama centered around a Navy Officer coming home after a long time. Bullock has no definite plans for future projects, which is no surprise seeing as she had three movies this year, the third one being “The proposal”, a film which also earned her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a leading role in a musical or comedy.