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Sandra Bullock should take Jesse James back - 11 reasons why


Why Sandra Bullock should take Jesse James back.  Here are some valid
reasons why Sandra should give Jesse a second chance.  Photo: AP/Kramer

Despite conflicting reports of Sandra Bullock taking Jesse James back, there are valid reasons why Sandra should give Jesse a second chance.

Jesse James has learned his lesson.
– Jesse’s infidelity caused him to lose the two things he loved most – his wife and his children. If Sandra Bullock takes Jesse James back and gives him a second chance, he would never do anything to risk losing her again. It’s very unlikely that Jesse would ever cheat on Sandra Bullock again. The price of such a betrayal would be too high.

Jesse is determined to make it work
. – Jesse has demonstrated to Sandra, to his children, and to the world – that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win Sandra Bullock back and make things work. He’s issued public and private apologies to Sandra and the children. He put their California home up for sale and bought a home near Sandra Bullock’s home in Texas. He and the children will be relocating there so they can be close to Sandra and baby Louis. Though many reports labeled the move a desperate and unwelcome attempt to reconcile with Sandra, Jesse actually cleared things with Sandra Bullock beforehand. Sandra agreed to the move because it meant she’d be closer to Jesse’s children, with whom she shares a very special bond.

Jesse has dealt with the demons that contributed to his affair
– Jesse checked himself into rehab so he could be treated for sex addiction, childhood abuse and anger management issues, and drug and alcohol addiction. He wanted to be sure he wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

Jesse had no emotional attachment to his mistresses -
. It’s difficult to recover from an affair if the cheater is emotionally attached to the Other Woman or the Other Man. Jesse’s affairs were primarily about sex. He had no emotional attachment to his mistresses so it was easy for him to give them up.

Sandra and Jesse had a good life together – According to reports, both Sandra and Jesse miss the life they had together. They had many good times and shared many special experiences in each other’s lives. In her People magazine interview, Sandra said that the things in life she holds most dear could not have happened without Jesse James. One of Sandra’s friends recently told the media, “Sandra misses him (Jesse) and their life together every single day.”

Sandra still loves Jesse.
- Despite the fact that Jesse James cheated on her, Sandra Bullock still loves him very much. Real love doesn’t disappear when something bad happens You can’t turn off love like a faucet, when something goes wrong. A close friend of Sandra said, "She's not the sort of lady that just stops loving someone, no matter what he did behind her back.”

Jesse James loves Sandra Bullock very much
. –In Jesse’s statement to People magazine Jesse referred to Sandra Bullock as “the love of his life.” He’s truly heartbroken over losing her and is leaving no stone unturned in his efforts to win her back.

Family Ties -
Sandra and Jesse had a very cohesive family – their family was the center of their lives. Jesse is doing everything in his power to reunite his family, including relocating to Texas so they can all be together again. Sandra and Jesse both highly praise each other’s parenting skills. In her interview with People magazine, Sandra Bullock made it clear that despite Jesse’s betrayal, she still wanted Jesse as a father figure in little Louis’ life. In his Nightline interview, Jesse referred to baby Louis as “my son.”

Their Mutual Love for the Children
- Jesse told People magazine that not having little Louis to love left a huge hole in his heart. He has made it clear that he wants to help Sandra raise her adopted son. Sandra is very close to Jesse’s children – Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr, 12, and little 6-year-old Sunny, whom Sandra raised as her own for the past five years. She loves the children dearly, they love her, and she wants them to remain a part of her life. The importance of Jesse's children to Sandra can be summed up in a statement she made, "I don't want to know what life is like without those kids." When Jesse was in rehab, the children stayed with her. The children are the glue that will help hold Jesse and Sandra together. Why should the children be deprived of Sandra’s love?

Sandra Bullock is not one to be swayed by public opinion
. – Most of Sandra Bullock’s fans strongly believe that Sandra should not take Jesse back. But Sandra has a mind of her own. She married Jesse despite public opinion that she and Jesse were a mismatch. Sandra Bullock is her own woman. If she didn’t listen to public sentiment that she shouldn’t marry Jesse James, she’s not likely to listen to public sentiment not to take him back, if that’s what she chooses to do.

Their love for each other.
  - Despite Jesse’s betrayal, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James still share a deep, abiding love for each other. And as we know, love conquers all. Many marriages and relationships survive infidelity. It depends on the two people involved. The love Sandra and Jesse share is a strong foundation on which to rebuild their marriage – should they decide to reconcile. That love will see them through.

The Bottom Line on Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

People make mistakes. They often do things they later regret. But if they’re truly sorry for what they have done, and have learned their lesson, they deserve a second chance.

If Sandra Bullock finds it in her heart to give Jesse James another chance, it’s her life.

Who are we to judge?

*** © copyright 2010 Ruth Houston All Rights Reserved.

Ruth Houston is a New York-based infidelity expert who is frequently called on by the media to comment on high profile infidelity and popular infidelity issues in the news. She is the founder of , the author of Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs, and publishes the Infidelity News and Views blog. To interview infidelity expert Ruth Houston, or have her speak at your next event, call 718 592-6029 or e-mail  

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  • watermelon 5 years ago


  • The Nonn" 5 years ago

    I have to admit, when I began reading this--and even through maybe 5 of the 10 reasons, I was saying to myself You're joking, right"? Sure enough, by the end of the article I'm pretty convinced. Especially about Sandra Bullock being her own woman. That's as true as can be and why wouldn't she be? I'm a fan and that's one of the reasons for it.

    Thanks for a good article, Ms Houston!

  • DHKEYWEST 5 years ago


  • Kat 4 years ago

    If Jessie had cheated once or twice or even 4 or 5 times than maybe I think they'd have a chance. Unfortunately, even if Jessie wants to change and even if he would lose everything (Sandra and the kids) by doing so, I'm not convinced that he wouldn't cheat again. It's not about logic. You are right that Sandra is her own woman - whether she decides to take him back or move on, I know she'll make the decision she thinks is best.

  • Linda 4 years ago

    We are not to judge anyone. The man upstairs will do that for us. If they think they can make it work and have a loving, nurturing family again for the sake of the children and love they may still have for each other then all we can do is Wish them the BEST!!!!! And mind our own business.

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