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Sandra Bullock Rules At 2014 People's Choice Awards.

Sandra Bullock Rules - 2014 Peoples Choice Awards
Sandra Bullock Rules - 2014 Peoples Choice Awards

Sandra Bullock was the big winner at the 2014 Peoples Choice Awards. Taking home four awards for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress, Favorite Comedic Movie Actress, Favorite Movie duo with George Clooney in 'Gravity',and Favorite Movie Actress. This only just proves that the woman owns the box office.

If you see the name Sandra Bullock in the movie listing you know you will be entertained.

Bullock has for years been tops on my list. She was that ordinary girl in 'Speed' who saves them all. She was the clumsy ordinary girl in 'Love Potion No. 9'.

Sandra was born in 1952 and was an Army brat most of her childhood. Her mother an opera singer would have her daughter in tow when she went on tour. Sandra was shown the stage at an early age. She would be in High school theater productions and cheer at the schools sports functions.

She would work TV in the early 1990's and have small bit parts in cinema It was her part in the film 'Speed' that would finally bring her the recognition that she deserved.

Sandra has worked very hard on her career sometimes putting her personal life on hold. She has been linked with several leading men and was even married for a time. She has one son named Louis who she thanked last night for letting her come out at night to receive her awards.

Bullocks personal life at times has been complicated but you can see the difference in her approach to movies and family have changed. She is a single mom raising a young son and she can still bring in 4 awards at the Peoples Choice Award. I can't wait to see what she does at the Oscars. God Bless her and let her presence be known for many years to come.

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