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Sandra Bullock has a son

In the midst of turmoil surrounding her marriage, winning her first Oscar, and all the other fallout that comes from the breakup of a Hollywood marriage, Sandra Bullock had a bright spot. His name is Louis, and he is her son.

Bullock and her husband Jesse James began the process of adoption 4 years ago. Louis was brought home in January, but the family wanted to keep him a secret until after the Oscars. Derailing those plans a bit, however, were reports of James' infidelity. These reports turned out to be true, and have resulted in Bullock filling for divorce from James. She is finalizing the adoption of her son Louis as a single parent.

Of her new son, Louis Bardo Bullock, Sandra says, "He's just perfect, I can't even describe him any other way. It's like he's always been a part of our lives."


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