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Sandra Bullock 'Gravity' payday estimated at $70 million

The Sandra Bullock payday for "Gravity" is estimated to be about $70 million now. That huge number comes from Bullock agreeing to a back-end percentage in exchange for appearing in the drama. According to a report from CNN on Friday morning (Feb. 28), she agreed to a guaranteed salary of $20 million upfront as well as 15 percent of the box office returns from the film.

Sandra Bullock is drawing in the awards for 'Gravity' but she also stands to make a huge paycheck.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Sandra Bullock is scoring a huge payday from 'Gravity.'
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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The current "Gravity" box office numbers have the film surpassing the $700 million mark and well on its way to $750 million. That would net her about $50 million more without even taking into account any money earned through home entertainment. Those are huge numbers and it shows just how much money a star can make by accepting percentages and then helping that film turn into a success. By the time money stops coming to her from "Gravity," Sandra Bullock will have likely made at least $75 million from the movie.

Award season isn't done yet either, which could lead to another push for people to see the movie following the Academy Awards. "Gravity" is nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year and Bullock is nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. It's very possible that she could be leaving with another statue on Sunday (March 2) when the 2014 Academy Awards are given out.

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