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Sandra Bullock files for divorce from Jesse James, confirms new baby


Bullock and James seen here at the Academy Awards. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer, File)

2010 hasn't necessarily been the greatest year for Sandra Bullock.  Not long after she won her very first Oscar for her movie, The Blind Side, Michelle McGee came forward admitting to having an affair with Bullock's husband, Jesse James.  Since then several other women have came out and said the same, causing several rumors to be fueled about James possibly being a White Supremacist.  None of those reports were confirmed, but the amount of women along with that possibility has kept the story in the headlines since March.  Bullock has since filed for divorce from the reality star mechanic. (

In a recent People magazine shoot, Bullock confirms that she adopted a baby boy from New Orleans.    The child, who is named Louis Bardo Bullock, was brought home in January.  Louis is three and a half months old but Bullock admits in the recent article that the adoption process has been going on for about four years.  However, Bullock says that she wanted to keep the adoption private until after the Academy Awards.  Bullock and James started the adoption process together but Bullock has now said that she will finalize it as a single parent. (

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  • Reck 5 years ago

    If you hook up with an outlaw biker should you really be shocked that he turned out to be an outlaw biker?

  • Bertena- Lexington vampire examiner 5 years ago

    It's sad how so many marriages end due to infidelity . At least she's strong enough to leave.
    Adoption dies take a long time. Sad that it has to end this way

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