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Sanders speaks: Funny thing about MAPS3 Convention Center

Dr. Heywood "Bernie" Sanders notes concerns
edshadid campaign office

Video just released on very hot political issue under petition by Oklahoma City government representative, Dr. Ed Shadid.

Dr. Heywood Sanders spoke on Thursday January 24th and again on January 25th, but the video was released this afternoon on FB recapping the event(s) which were general duplicates one another. The video further pushes the question of the "Red" agenda in the "Red" state, and just why the public hasn't even been offered more information about some high dollar city plans pending and evoked some static comments from at least one attendee, while others could be overheard to pose observations and questions and noted to build if then knowledge aloud as the data unfolded.

Dr. Heywood Sanders is a highly trained public administration scholar and consultant with an impressive array of skills that dovetail together to consider city planning and evolution. Dr. Heywood Sanders has tapped the issue of convention centers since the 1970's, but has weighed in heavily nationwide since the 1990's.

Dr. Ed Shadid, Ward 2 City Councilor, and OKC Mayoral Candidate 2014, invited Dr. Heywood Sanders to consider the bid provided to OKC City Council a few years ago, which resulted in a community vote to pass MAPS3 city planning and development, including the construction of a convention center.

Dr. Ed Shadid has pointed out that data that might make the report make sense is a.)controlled by a group that would not normally have so much say in a decision such as this. b.) That City Council Members have not seen or read the available data, and don't have access to the cloaked data. c.) the public appears to have voted on a plan that has one or more financial trapdoors that appear to be a bottomless pit contract that neither business conventions nor community/leisure activities may ever level, much less advance within.

This video recaps collected comparative data from Dr. Heywood Sander's review of this trend across a number of cities, either admired or similar in construct.

Dr. Heywood Sanders spoke at a Townhall Meeting last week as noted in the poster, and at a secondary forum at the High Noon Club.

High Noon Club is a community provided outlet for information on government plans and for persons planning to run for office statewide to come together to expose ideas or share information, or introduce themselves.

Here is the 1 hour or so video of Dr. Heywood Sanders which entertains the national issue of what others have done to try and project needs in city development, particularly around the installment of a convention center, and related entertainment to support the necessary microcosm.

Dr.Heywood Sanders showed numbers, who generated them, who paid for them and how this was all managed forward to a city elected official or citywide vote in the respective cities.

Typically, the purpose of Dr.Ed Shadid's own questions and talks on same and then introduction of consultants is to look at baselines of what is going on. And then to consider what if any building should happen on those premises. Disambiguation.

Unfortunately, it is a national trend that odd or poor methods of speculation ( which include cloaked or fudged numbers for some cities) end up costing the tax payers monies they had no idea they would be paying. The double whammy of which is that the public doesn't get what was promised, and they get stuck with an immediate and ongoing bill which may balloon, dependent upon what the agreement was.

Many people seem confused by the question itself. Dr.Heywood Sanders makes many efforts to introduce some baselines and work on trying to follow the given numbers through, forward or track them backward... both of which look at accuracy.

The things to watch for in the video are

1.) uniqueness by which the study was birthed and paid for and is it's outcome credible

2.) uniqueness by which who owns the study and why

3.) the reservation of the method, entered data and actual outcomes and why it is witheld

3a) and is it's outcome credible

4.) what are the purpose of secrets, cloaked or misdirected information in any discussion about city development

5.) what would the residents of OKC like to do with what is in place OR

6.) would the residents wish to consider any other paths to solve whether event to enter into a discussion about a convention center, under any plan at this point in time.

Dr. Heywood Sanders asked : Is this current assessment and then MAPS3 plan




supply and demand (speculative guessing or accurate)

Dr.Heywood Sanders excerpted a quote regarding projected limited growth in the industry of convention centers. Dr.Heywood Sanders has a text on this topic, along with a variety of articles both professional and colloquial which look at the subject and connect data addressing this concern of risk management of public administration, city planning, quality of life satisfactions and economics it appears.

All this information is put forward for the community to consider, discuss and digest by both Dr. Ed Shadid and Dr. Heywood Sanders.

The OKC MAPS3 petitions are circulating at a promising rate, and it appears this will roll the MAPS3 Convention Center issues to a vote later this year. A sensible, plausible, credible opportunity for the community to consider supply and demand.

This video is of the TOWNHALL Meeting itself , whereas the above video is of a meeting the following day.

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