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Sandbox at grave: Boy plays in sandbox at baby brother's grave

A sandbox at a little boy’s grave-site lets his older brother play when the family goes to visit the grave. This sandbox at the graves was a family picture that Ashley Hammac posted online to share with her friends, but it went viral, according to First Coast News on March 14.

Boy plays in sandbox at baby brother's gravesite.
YouTube screen shot

Hammac lost her baby just five days after he was born. Ryan was buried just outside of Lake City, Florida at Falling Creek Cemetery. Her older son Tucker was extremely excited all through her pregnancy to have a baby brother, but when the baby died, she thought this sandbox might help.

When they go visit Ryan’s grave Tucker plays in the sandbox and talks to his brother. Ryan died from Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephlepathy, (HIE), which is a result of not enough oxygen getting to the brain.

The photos that this mom put on Facebook were shared more than 220,000 times. She wasn’t expecting this attention at all, the photos were posted for family and friends to see, but she hopes that this raises awareness of HIE and somehow helps to raise money for the research that needs to be done on this disorder.

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