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Sand Wars has come to Miami

Last Wednesday - the 9 of April – ECOMB and Cinema Green hosted a screening of ‘Sand Wars’. I attended and was introduced to Monsieur Rappeneau – the Producer.

Sand Wars attendees
Sand Wars attendees
RJ Peters
Guillaume Rappeneau
RJ Peters

About three years ago, Guillaume Rappeneau of Rappi Productions began the arduous process of making a documentary about sand. Sand, or rather the loss of sand is of great concern world-wide. Why you ask? It’s an excellent and timely question, because we are literally running out of sand. Purportedly, by the end of this century, there will be no more beaches.

We here in Miami Beach are experiencing beach erosion at a staggering rate. But we are not alone as the documentary explains. Thousands of islands and beach-front property will soon vanish and not from just sea-level rise. It’s called dredging, and it’s literally pulling the sand from the beaches and back into the ocean.

We use sand for buildings, concrete, computers, glass and all manner of consumer products. This makes sand more valuable and cheap to mine than oil. Wrap that around your brain.

Prior to the main draw screening of ‘Sand Wars’, we watched a 10 minute short called ‘Last Hours’. It’s worth the watch, guys and gals. It speaks to climate change which will affect us all.

To be sure, the documentaries took me a-back, but not like one of the speakers at the screening at the Miami Beach Cinema Green Cinematheque.

Long time advocate, former Miami Beach Commissioner and environmental activist, Michael Gongora, was there to address the audience as well. He donated $1000 to ECOMB, the sponsor of the Cinema Green screening that night.

In addition to the documentaries, a Q & A panel was addressed by a packed house of supporters and interested parties. City officials, activists, members of the French Consulate and concerned citizens had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Pictures of the event are in the attached slide-show. Also, check out the embedded trailer.

The Miami Beach three months Climate Change Series.has now ended. And if you didn’t get a chance to see this documentary, I wholly encourage you to find where it will be screened next.

Many thanks go out to Luiz Rodrigues and Gabriole Van Bryce of ECOMB for the opportunity to allow this screening for all interested parties. Indeed, ECOMB is educating people, engaging our community and effecting environmental change.

Stay green, guys and gals.

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