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Sand and sun is fun with American Plastic Toys

American Plastic Toys, sand, sun and fun
American Plastic Toys, sand, sun and fun
Cristine Struble

One of the best parts about summer vacation is enjoying the sun and sand. Whether frolicking at a beach or digging at the local park, kids can spend hours playing in the sand. From building a gigantic castle to carving streams for water, the sand offers enjoyment with little effort. American Plastic Toys has a wide array of colorful and durable toys to keep the play and creativity going to the sun goes down.

In the toy line, American Plastic Toys offers three sand friendly items that can bring hours of entertainment and spark creativity. All the toys are cost effective and durable. Even after the warm temperatures wain, these toys can bring memories of fun and sun to the long, cold days of winter.

If your family is looking for some sand friendly toys to purchase, consider these items from American Plastic Toys.

COLOSSAL PAIL SET/ $10/ Ages 1 1/2 +

The ten-piece Colossal Pail of toys includes everything for a fun day at the beach or in the sand box. There set comes complete with a pail, two different shovels, two castle molds, three sand character shapes and a big sand sifter with fun shapes molded in! All the pieces fit in a huge sturdy pail designed to safely hold just enough water to be useful and carry everything back from a day at the beach (including towels and other items). Dimensions 17 1/2” x 16 3/4” x 11 3/4”

BEACHCOMBER WAGON SET/ $10/ Ages 1 1/2 +

The six-piece Beachcomber Wagon Set provides an easy way for little beachcombers to take their toys to the beach or backyard sand box. The set comes complete with a pail, shovel, castle mold, and two different sand character shapes. Everything comes in a big wagon featuring an easy-to-use flip-up handle especially made for kids to pull a load of toys to and from a fun filled day of playing in the sand. There is enough room to pack some other items, too. Dimensions 17 7/8” x 11 1/8” x 8 7/8”

SAND TABLE/ $20/ Ages 1 1/2 +

Sand play is an essential part of growing up. American Plastic Toys makes the perfect sand table for outdoor or indoor play. This sturdy table comes complete with a removable water-proof cover for outdoor use to protect the sand and toys from rain as well as any unwanted guests. It holds up to 50 pounds of play sand and provides a nice open area for kids to sit or kneel next to the Sand Table to build roads and castles in the sand. Unlike other sand tables, kids don’t use up any space by having to put their feet in the play area as they sit on the edge. The Sand Table assembly is fast and easy and requires no tools. Dimensions 34 1/2” x 22 1/2” x15”

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