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Sanchez, Fyke & Walker play the Clayton Brewing Co.

Sanchez, Fyke & Walker play the Clayton Brewing Co.
Sanchez, Fyke & Walker play the Clayton Brewing Co.
Courtesy of Denise Fyke

Sanchez, Fyke and Walker, some might say the original Chase Walker Band, performed a brief reunion concert at the Clayton Brewing Co. in San Dimas, Calif. Saturday, January 14 from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. For those not familiar with this threesome the roster included: 17 year-old Savannah Sanchez (bass and vocals), 15 years-old Chase Walker (songwriting, guitar and vocals) and 15 year-old Matt Fyke (drums).

Walker, Sanchez and Fyke
Courtesy of Denise Fyke

Arriving uncharacteristically early your rather reclusive writer (sans sexy sidekick) had plenty of time to get his bearings and briefly bend elbows with the parents of the (not quite yet) rich and famous musicians du jour. The talented trio took the stage area at 8: 10 p.m. opening with a cover of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals’ 2012 titular tune “The Lion the Beast the Beat” as Sanchez led the way with her energetic vocals.

They segued into their own take of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” from 2003. Sanchez provided an interesting addition to the musical mix as they continued with covers of Coldplay’s “Magic” and a tuneful take of another Grace Potter piece “Paris (Ooh La La)”. Despite the threesome’s limited time together practicing prior to the performance their past personal relationship and experience together made things work and it quickly became apparent that they work well together.

While it was interesting to watch Walker step back from the mic and focus on his guitar that would soon change after a quick comment or two from now solo artist Sanchez. “It’s so cool to be playing with these two again” she said.

Then it was back to the blues business as usual as Walker took over on lead vocals with “Drinking Straight Tequila”. This one always makes me smile since the band won’t be of legal drinking age for a few years yet and still you can hear some kind of understanding in his vocals.

The next number, “Blues Deluxe”, was straight off The Chase Walker Band’s upcoming album Unleashed. It’s become both a band standard and fan favorite. They followed it up with “Too Many Dirty Dishes” before taking a quick break.

They opened their second set with a cover of Jimi Hendrix’ “Crosstown Traffic” and John Henry Rostill’s “If You Love Me Like You Say.” Also included in this refreshing musical mix were the group’s versions of “Chasing The Dragon” and “Who Knows.”

Then it was back to the blues once more with Sanchez singing a song once made popular by Bobby “Blue” Bland –“Ain’t No Sunshine”. While your pensive penman personally prefers sticking to the original gender viewpoints of classics that isn’t what’s important here. What is important here is that this trio of talented teens was not only resurrecting a classic cut but breathing a bit of new life into it as well.

They covered the Jordan-Foster song “I’d Rather Go Blind” next. They closed with a cover of The Civil War’s “Barton Hollow” that Sanchez was really excited to be performing and they threw in an instrumental encore to boot. Overall, fans, friends, family and Clayton customers were treated to the unique pleasure of hearing what could once be considered the “original” Walker Band with a little more pop, a little more funk and (duh) a more feminine flair.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that’s the bottom line.