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Sanbox put on boy's grave: 3 y/o sibling plays in sandbox on boy's grave

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A sandbox was put on a boy's grave so his older sibling could play with him. Ashlee Hammac, 24, agreed to have her 5-day old son's grave covered with a sandbox so his older brother could continue playing with him. It was her tribute to little Ryan after he died from Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephiopathy (HIE), a disorder in which not enough blood flows to the brain.

In a People report on March 13, Hammoc said 5-year-old Tucker needed his own way to mourn over his baby brother.

"The more I thought about it, the more I wanted something my other son Tucker could be incorporated in," Hammac said. "He always goes out there with me, and sits out there, and sings lullabies, and talks to him just like he was there. So I wanted it to be special for him too. His favorite thing right now is trucks."

The sandbox put on this boy's grave has meant a lot to Tucker. Hammac said he often asks her if he can go visit "baby Ryan's sandbox."

Ryan died just 5 days after birth. Hammac's placenta had ruptured while giving birth to him, which kept him from getting oxygen for several hours. His chances for survival were 1 in 8, according to the report.

Tucker was introduced to Ryan before everyone said goodbye to him. Tucker shared with Ryan some of his favorite lullabies.

As Hammac said, with the sandbox on the boy's grave, it keeps his spirit alive within the family and helps Tucker in the grieving process.

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