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San Vicente reservoir water to hit high mark

The San DIego County Water Authority will fill up the San VIcente reservoir with another 152,000 acre-feet of emergency storage water. Dam workers raised the San Vicente Dam on MOreno Boulevard in Lakeside 117 feet to build up the San DIego capacity to tore water.

A dam height increase above the original dam height was necessary to give the reservoir the depth needed to ue the miles of high shoreline for a bigger reservoir border. Several years work outdid any dam project.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer, today, joined San Diego COunty Water Authority heads at the dam reservoir to dedicate the new reservoir.

At a cost of $416 million dollars, the dam raise project gave San Diego COunty the largest water storage increase in the county's history. The water authority gains an opportunity to serve more local homes with water service.

Water losses during hot drought months are less of a concern. The San Diego region, inthe nidst of months locals must shrink water use, can avoid severe water shortages. The bigger San Vicente reservoir starts its time guaranteeing the region can depend on a critical limit on the damage done by water shortages inthe future.

Reservoir size upgrades lower the need for the County ater Authority to take drastic action during droughts, and, add to the authority's water supply options. A three year leap in the water level at San Vicente will lower caution at the authority. LArge amounts of emergnecy water will stay easy to find.

The Lakeside resvoir location, not far west from El Capitan reservoir, fits in the authority's long term plans to build up the region's emergency water storage capacity. Unyielding drought years in California downgraded hopes in future rainy years the authority can lift water use rules.

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