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San Pedro Atsac Project awarded....Finally

Highlights from San Pedro Atsac Pre-construction meeting:

- San Pedro Atsac Project awarded August 19, 2009

- Notice to proceed given to contractors on September 10, 2009

- Construction can start on September 24, 2009 - although actual breaking of ground will occur approximately October 15, 2009

- Project to be completed by September 10, 2010

$2000 per day liquidated damages if past completion date

- Project contract amount - $7,333,027

- 200 working days contract time

- 35 intersections in project

- Contractor was notified about the importance and requirement to give the public and businesses notification of construction activities and any closures. Notices will be given in the area they are working in, and includes multifamily residential dwelling and office buildings and commercial businesses. No notices will be individually give to SFR.

- DOT requested a "schedule" which the contractor will be providing soon.

1. -Holiday moratorium will be in effect for many streets in the project area. Contractor is aware of this as it was in the special provisions.