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San Luis Obispo, 'happiest place on earth,' becomes hipper as Lady Gaga arrives

Proclaimed the happiest town in the nation by Oprah Winfrey, San Luis Obispo is also set to become hipper and more fashionable, courtesy of Lady Gaga. Although the combination of quaint, self-described "SLO-town" with beyond-the-cutting-edge in fashion and music Lady Gaga might seem as improbable as a kitten driving a Lamborghini, it's actually a merging of Lady Gaga's interest in the arts, reported KSBY.

The place where all this will converge: Hearst Castle, where Lady Gaga plans to shoot a music video and engage in various other fantastic projects.

"What was wonderful from day one, her objective was to try and help things that were important to the foundation." says Remar Sutton, board-member with the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation.

Kudos to Lady Gaga for using her interest in Hearst Castle and the art within to make a $250,000 donation to the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation. It's designed to help bridge the gap between what the place gets from the state and what's needed to preserve the art.

"And much more interestingly, she just now has learned about water problems here, particular in this area of the state and she has agreed to underwrite an important water study to see if certain wells can be increased and joined in for the water system for Cambria. Which would be great," says Sutton.

"Lady Gaga's age group basically runs 18 to 24. A great group we want to get involved and not coincidentally, that's the age group she's interested in teaching about art." says Sutton.

"Her last video had 175 million showings. So we think it's an extraordinary opportunity for Hearst Castle to be introduced all over the world."

Our take on it: San Luis Obispo has this in common with Lady Gaga: Both are unique and beloved for their difference. To quote Lady Gaga: "You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way."

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