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San Leandro police with guns and rifles answer call for help re despondent man

San Leandro police in six cars along with a fire engine and a paramedic responded to a cry for help regarding a despondent older man in the quiet, small town neighborhood of Washington Manor this afternoon just before school let out and all left without incident. Guns and rifles had been out and there was also an unmarked dark blue Ford economy vehicle and an SUV with a superior officer on the scene plus a police jeep with the driver setting out orange cones to block the afternoon traffic.

A police press release is forthcoming and it will be brief to protect the family. Police had said it was not a drug raid or a robbery as surmised by pedestrian observers. "My wife would kill me if she knew I was anywhere near this" said Sheldon, who works at the San Leandro library. A woman noted that Washington Manor junior high was not on lock down and she needed to go and pick up her children from school momentarily.

At the post office, a patron said as long as they are not on the way to the freeway and blocking my way, I don't care.

There are services who will serve those in urgent need of somebody to talk to.

Alameda County Crisis Health Hotline: 1 800 784-2433. This line will give you a private one on one talk informally with a counselor who will listen.

Berkeley Primary Care through Lifelong Medical offers health care at no cost or a sliding scale. Services offered include psychiatry; social workers who help find resources such as housing and counseling groups; dental care, optometry, hearing.

Generally speaking depression comes from periods of stress that are relentless. The hopelessness and anger become life threatening. Medication does work and sometimes it just takes the right one, the right fit and the right dose. The right medication can even seem like a miracle when one has no concept of feeling better.

The medication is covered by various plans. If you have nothing to lose, give it a shot even if you are scared to. The doctors do monitor and are available in scary or emergency or urgent situations.

Medication can help with anxiety disorders, which are a level below depression. If you have panic attacks or post traumatic stress, medications can calm you and help keep you grounded and focused in the present, even able to enjoy simple pleasures like chatting with strangers or watching the birds or walking the dog. Zoloft may feel like having a glass of wine throughout the day; Effexor may help without you even feeling as if on medication at all. Trazodone helps you fall asleep within minutes and it's super cheap.

Folks may also find food banks and sign up for food stamps.

Video of police action with guns and rifles in the Manor this afternoon about 3:00. Here is the official police press release, issued minutes ago, 7:30 pm.

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