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San Francisco Wine School: Week 1 Mendocino

Wine country living.
Wine country living.
Kenneth Fish

File under: Wine Culture

A while back, the opportunity to take a class at the San Francisco Wine School came about. Since I love wine and live in wine country, it made perfect sense to seize the day, take advantage of the opportunity, and learn a little something about California wine, wine laws and the various American Viticultural Areas (AVA) of this fine state. As a way to share my journey of becoming a Certified Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS), I decided to do a series of articles documenting the whole process from beginning to end.

Week 1

Week one started off with some general wine regulations about labeling and the such, but was really all about the eleven Mendocino AVAs and the wines produced there. This week, the class, a nine week online affair, was a nice mix of lecture, slide show, wine buying and tasting, as well as an online discussion with the others in the class about the wines they purchased and tasted and the adventures they had in the process of doing so.

As with any class, whether online or in a classroom, I was a little nervous about whether or not I would grasp the subject matter, but since the subject matter was something about which I have much experience (wine), it settled in nicely with all the other stuff bouncing around my head. Despite what I thought was extensive experience, I ended up learning a passel of new things, some specific to Mendocino, and some about wine and the wine industry in general, that will hopefully stick because I have a final in eight weeks and a certificate to earn. Luckily, I ended the week with a 90% on the Mendocino quiz, so I’m feeling pretty good, so far.

For more information about the San Francisco Wine School, click here. Stay tuned for the rest of the CWAS adventures of yours truly. Next week we dig into Napa which should be a lot of fun.

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