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San Francisco : Our commute and the roads we travel

What streets do you travel the most? that is to say going to work,coming home, going to see friends or with family activities. How many potholes do you encounter? do you avoid them or are you like most drivers, you're oblivious and drive right over them in many instances at full speed.

Apparently the potholes are so bad in the Mission, here in The City that bike riders are literally falling off their bikes. Over the years I would call Department of Public Works here in San Francisco, most recently in January of 2014 and ask about upcoming repaving projects, and the answer I would often receive would be , "I don't know" or "we'll " get back to you, so the alternative is what ? Defensive "Pothole Driving" perhaps. A city that claims to be thriving, repairing the road infrastructure just doesn't seem to be a priority. Drivers face longer commute times even though the driving distance is the same should be upset because the roads are in such disrepair, I expected more from a non responsive part of County Government responsible for maintaining the roads.

Take a look at the link below it's just an example of neglected road maintenance all over the City and County of S.F. I'm sure there's a road near each and every one of you just like the Mission.

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