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San Francisco living isn't cheap

San Fran
San Fran

Housing is a major part of most of our budgets, but thankfully most of us have never had to shell out $15,000 a month for a modest home in San Francisco. Complaining about real estate prices is a common theme of the human condition, but some of us have more cause to complain than others. Even in an economy where housing prices have plummeted, risen slowly, and then stagnated, San Francisco’s housing prices are still astronomical.

Location, location, location is a popular refrain among real estate agents, and based on the prices of eight of the most expensive pieces of real estate in San Francisco it wouldn’t be a stretch to say their commissions make them among the only people able to pay such high housing prices.

For $15,000 a month most of us would expect tennis courts, horse stables, and an indoor pool. Most of us would be seriously let down in San Francisco.

Check out this infographic to learn more about some of the most expensive homes and apartments in San Francisco.