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San Francisco is the healthiest city

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If you're healthy and you know it, clap your hands. If your healthy and you know then you surely want a salad. If you're healthy and you know it, clap your hands. Ok, so that isn't really our theme song, but it should be. According to a new survey from Yummly, San Francisco is the healthiest city!

Yummly, an online recipe site that began while one man was on a quest for a mustard-less recipe, gathered data from more than 100-million users over the past year and took a look at recipe ingredients, nutritional content and preparation (fried, baked, that kind of thing) in order to create the rankings. San Francisco took the top spot with a high rate of searches for recipes that contain vegetables and a low number of searches for red meat. San Franciscans also search for tofu, kale and fish more than the average city. In fact, San Francisco users searched for recipes that contain vegetables 30% more often than users from Cleveland, one of the lowest ranking cities on the list.

Our coastal location may have something to do with our healthy habits as well, the study found a majority of the cities with the lowest healthy eating scores are inland, and therefore have higher rates of searches that include bacon, cheese, cake, and pie. While coastal towns eat less red meat and more whole grains.

Overall, California is a pretty healthy place to be, San Diego and Los Angeles round out the top three. New York, New York came in fourth place, with Portland, Oregon resting at number five.