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San Francisco: how was the Giants victory parade?

San Francisco how was the Giants parade?
San Francisco how was the Giants parade?
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San Francisco: how was the Giants victory parade?

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. -- Yesterday, public transport in San Francisco saw the number of riders increase by around 50% on both BART and on Muni. Fans made their way into downtown San Francisco for the much-anticipated San Francisco Giants victory parade and public transport was their transport of choice.

While it increased revenue for the city, it also caused a lot of backup and delays and in some cases trains did not stop at stations because they were already full.

But despite the inevitable delays, spirits were still high.

That's because the San Francisco Giants had won the 2010 World Series, the first time since coming to San Francisco.

And the city of San Francisco was ready to celebrate that fact in style.

The crowd for the parade was one of the largest the city had seen in years and people scrambled to find spots on rooftops, along Market Street and on anything they could find, like cars and benches, to give them a better view of their heroes. And no wonder. In some cases, the crowd along Market Street were 50 people deep. It would be hard to see anything.

See the slideshow of the San Francisco Giants victory parade in San Francisco on the left hand side (middle of the column)

The Giants themselves estimate that around a million people were in attendance. That meant a huge boon for the city's economy and few people could remember a bigger crowd.

The Giants rode in motorized cable cars and waved as the fans screamed themselves hoarse.

Celebrities were in attendance for the victory parade and those included Willie McCovey, Willie Mays, Managing General partner Bill Neukom, Mayor Gavin Newsom and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The World Series trophy was held high and proud by Manager Bruce Bochy as he looked out over a sea of orange and black, the colors of the San Francisco Giants team. Confetti rained down from skyscrapers and fans wore fake beards to honor Brian Wilson and two-time CY Young Award winner, Tim Lincecum.

The weather stayed unseasonably warm for the occasion in the high70s.

"It's unreal," Lincecum said, as he tried to take in the marvel of the fans who had turned out for the San Francisco Giants victory parade.

The crowd chanted "MVP! MVP!" when they saw the cable car containing Edgar Renteria, the World Series Most Valuable Player.

And they were well-behaved too for the San Francisco Giants victory parade. Police said there were no major incidents. This is an improvement on the six arrests made on the night of the victory, which Mayor Gavin Newsom later downplayed.

The parade ended at Civic Center Plaza, the same place the Giants had finished their parade when they first came to the city in 1958.

And the San Francisco Giants were quick to point out that the championship belonged to the fans as much as to the team itself.

"They wanted to win it for you as bad as they wanted to win it for themselves," said Bochy.

School children took the day off school knowing it may never happen again. Donal Witham, a San Francisco native and Giants fan, took his two children out of school.

"This could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It's important for the kids to experience history as it is happening. It can't just be something they read about in books."


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  • A.nonymous 4 years ago

    Yes I was there!

  • PeterD 4 years ago

    What a fun day it was! glad the boss didn't mind

  • sandyS 4 years ago

    Loved that they came in on those motorized SF street cars!!

  • WasFun 4 years ago

    I could barely see a thing but the atmosphere was electric man.

  • Lets have another 4 years ago

    win, what more can I say?

  • Pamela Barnes 4 years ago

    The whole thing was a great day out, we had come in from San Jose.

  • Greatday 4 years ago

    And what about the weather? couldn't have been better

  • AnnieLam 4 years ago

    If only all the news was fllled with such fun event, alas it's not to be :-(

  • Myhubandwatchedit 4 years ago

    I couldn't get my husband away from the TV all morning!

  • GiantsFan 4 years ago


  • Malcolm 4 years ago

    Shame we have to wait so long for next season to hooo....

  • Michael Bridges 4 years ago

    Just one of the best days I have ever had out in San Francisco, it was unreal.

  • Yourbiggestfan 4 years ago

    Hey I love your slide show, where did you get so many great pictures Sheila?

  • Coolcool 4 years ago

    GREAT day out! GREAT celebrations! GREAT atmosphere. Wow. Let's do it again :-)

  • Mary Anderson 4 years ago

    I LOVED those photos! There is so much in them that I didn't get to see on the day itself, thanks for those!

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