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San Francisco Fire Department helping the homeless?

Local fire  departments helping out the homeless
Local fire departments helping out the homeless

Yes, it is true. The San Francisco Fire Department has newly partnered with a non-profit organization called Working Essentials, that specializes in finding the material things necessary for homeless people to clean up and get ready to engage in job interviews.

Everyone needs a job, and everyone needs to make a living. Some homeless are so far gone, and have been on the streets so long that they become anti-social, and end up borderline crazy. Others drink away their sorrows and become huge alcoholics. It has been a growing problem in this country, seeing homeless people at virtually every corner and panhandlers in every turn. At least now we all know someone cares and that someone is the bay area's firefighters and in this case, the San Francisco Fire Department.

Among the material possessions Working Essentials supplies, is shaving cream, toothpaste, and soap amongst others.

The firefighters are asking everyone around the area to donate what they can, and send the materials to their local food bank and label it Working Essentials. Anything that can be donated goes a long way to help someone out. Homeless people are people too, and the more we help, the better we not only feel, but the better this world will be knowing a life was virtually saved.

The newly appointed drive will last through the end of December and after Christmas time. Besides food banks, drop off any possessions to any local fire station in the bay area. It is time to make a difference, especially during the holiday season.


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