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San Francisco Burrito Co: Better ingredients, better burrito


Traditional Chicken & Steak SFO Burritos, side-by-side.

When you hear the word "burrito" it conjures visions of sombreros, senioritas, and super-spicy salsa. At San Francisco Burrito Co., there's no sombreros, and for the senoritas you are on your own, you just get hand-made burritos that range from the traditional to the eclectic, and speaking of spicy salsa, you get a spicy homemade green tomatillo salsa, that while I wouldn't consider it anywhere near nuclear, it has a nice kick and tons of flavor.

Speaking of eclectic, how about a Buffalo Chicken burrito, with grilled chicken, rice and spicy wing sauce, or the Thai burrito with Chicken and veggies, sauteed with onions and garlic in a spicy Thai peanut sauce, rolled in a flour tortilla with rice and lettuce. With ten imaginative "specialty" burritos to choose from, I'll have plenty of new things to try on my next visits.

They also have "traditional" burritos which still aren't really Tex-Mex, but they are well-made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and offer a well-crafted blend of flavors.

Homemade spicy green salsa

When a friend told me about the San Francisco Burrito Co. I did an on-line search and found it right away. As I checked out the menu, I noticed that the traditional burritos come with a choice of steak, ground beef, Tofu, Chicken or Veggie, and are dressed with rice, beans and salsa. At no extra charge, you have the option to add, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and onions. Guacamole can be added to your burrito for an extra charge, and get this, the same goes for cheese.

I love cheese on almost everything, and shuddered at the thought of paying extra for cheese on a burrito, when I confronted my friend with this absurdity, my friend, (who for the record, thinks that it's possible for a pizza to have too much cheese), calmly assured me, "You won't even miss the cheese." I huffed at the notion, and headed-off to Burritoville.

What happened next was fate, as I forgot about the cheese option when I ordered my traditional steak, and traditional chicken burritos. It wasn't until I was miles down the road that I realized I was carrying two burritos with no cheese in them. After the initial wave of panic ran its course, I was resigned to eat my burritos San Francisco style.

I learned a powerful lesson that day. I learned that there can be quality of life without cheese, who'da'thunk-it.

San Francisco Burrito Co.
5187 S. University Dr.
Davie, FL 33328

Mon - Sat 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Bill's Recommendations:
*** Good Bite $ (Inexpensive)

$ = Inexpensive - Less than $15 / person , excluding drinks
$$ = Moderate - Between $15 and $25 / person excluding drinks
$$$ = Expensive - Between $26 and $35 / person excluding drinks
$$$$ = Very Expensive - Over $35 / person excluding drinks

Bill's menu recommendations: The Earthquake is a combination of steak and chicken, (and cheese comes with it!). The traditional chicken and traditional steak burrito are both delicious, but the traditional steak burrito stands out with real steak and a perfect blend of flavors. Buy an extra container of home-made spicy salsa so you can add a dollop of hot salsa on each bite. The chicken quesadillas has plenty of chicken and lots of cheese, served with sour cream, and more of the green salsa. The Southwest Tortilla soup is spicy and hearty.

Location: University just north of Stirling Rd. on the west side of the street,
Other locations: No
Type: Burritos, Mexican
Alcohol: No
Parking: Plenty of free parking in a large strip shopping center
Eat-in: Lunch and Dinner
Take-out: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Credit Cards accepted: Yes
WiFi: Free

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Photo credits: W. Skordelis


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