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San Francisco Boat Show gave tours of 2.5 million dollar Tauri cruiser yacht

Tauri, an elegant cruising yacht made in Britain and gleaming with refinished wood throughout, offered tours at McCovey Cove.
Tauri, an elegant cruising yacht made in Britain and gleaming with refinished wood throughout, offered tours at McCovey Cove.
Cindy Warner

The first ever San Francisco Boat Show closed Sunday after four glorious summer-like days which included the popular tour of Tauri, the elegant cruising yacht which was docked at the America's Cup SF all summer. It appears the elegant British-made luxury yacht, for sale through Rick Obey for 2.5 million, belongs to somebody who owns a gigantic ORACLE TEAM USA cap, the size of a basketball.

SF Boat Show offered tours of Tauri, the elegant cruising yacht with young Captain Dan living aboard
Cindy Warner

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The current owner had the gorgeous wood refinished and Tauri looks well appointed with three bathrooms and three staterooms. The master bedroom holds a large flat screen and a hatch over the bed like a skylight, plus that European touch of elegance with a bidet, pictured, next to the jacuzzi tub.

Visitors wishing to see this removed their shoes and sometimes socks and got in line at the end of the dock at McCovey Cove, next to AT&T park. A handsome tanned and clean cut young man with dark brown hair and bare feet chatted from the stern and helped direct visitors on and off. Dan turned out to be a young captain who lives on Tauri below.

Young captain Dan grew up sailing since he comes from Massachusetts. He got a bachelors degree "but didn't want to do that" and so he got his captain's license and has been doing that for two years.

Dan has a scooter and says it makes him feel like a kid, he loves it. He has also been diving but doesn't get much fishing in as the owner doesn't fish. Dan kept very busy over the summer because they were docked at the America's Cup SF and went out daily.

He's dived an airplane wreck in Antigua and dived boat wrecks. He and his buddy actually got into the cockpit of the eight seater plane and took underwater photos.

Dan also has a digital camera on board and supposes he should get a waterproof one.

When Tauri sells he has a commitment lined up with a new boat. 2 1/2 million is the asking price by Rick Obey, pictured, and Tauri has had a few owners.

A man with a friendly cat in a harness stopped by to chat and the cat insisted on boarding but Dan wasn't so welcoming to the feline. When a female visitor left a scuff or drop of something on the wooden deck, Dan quickly polished the spot with a cloth. Tauri looks immaculate and if you love custom woodwork, the builders use it throughout making the entire yacht look substantial and solid, smooth and gleaming with pristine white upholstery and soft or natural lighting. It's understated and airy with clean lines and a sense of serenity much like an upscale spa.

Tauri from the outside looks light and elegant, like a swan.

The dining on board comes from caterers although Dan says he manages hors d'oevres just fine. He says he offered to go to cooking school if the owner would pay and give him double benefits. "As you can see I'm not the cook" he says with a smile.

Meanwhile. Dan hung out at Pier 23 as many America's Cuperites did this summer but liked that New Zealand restaurant with the sheep just down the Embarcadero. He had a good burger there. He said they were lining up a contract for another location in the City.

The tour ended after five or ten quick minutes and Dan helped me off the stern to the dock as I have a post-surgical shoe on my foot. A gentleman and a scholar. His parting shot was "Did you buy it?" and the response was "It's on lay away".

Tickets to the show were $12 for adults with various discounts.

Tickets were available on site or purchased at

Official show guide here;;

Check out youth sailing around the Bay at, particularly the 75 year old program on Oakland’s Lake Merritt. Cal Sailing (unrelated to the university) at the Berkeley marina offers a cooperative program based on volunteering.

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