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San Francisco Bay Area: Derrick Jones not shot in back as claimed

Derrick Jones not shot in back
Derrick Jones not shot in back
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Derrick Jones not shot in back as claimed

It has been confirmed by an independent autopsy that Derrick Jones, shot by police while he was unarmed, was not shot in the back.

Derrick Jones did sustain multiple gun shot wounds to his body after he was chased by police - but they were all to this front of his body, says KTVU Channel 2 news in San Francisco.

The family and friends of Derrick Jones, age 37, had claimed he was unarmed and shot in the back.

Police have told press that two police officers shot and killed Jones late on Monday after he ran away and refused to put his hands up.

Police had been called to a dispute when it appeared that Derrick Jones had been fighting with a woman, first in his own store and later at a laundromat.

Derrick Jones allegedly reached for his waistband several times but police have not said what object they found on him, only that is was not a gun or a knife.

This shooting of Derrick Jones comes shortly after the shooting of Oscar Grant, who was shot on an Oakland BART platform by officer Johannes Mehserle. The incident and the sentencing of Johannes Mehserle caused riots in Oakland in which 152 people were arrested.

See slide show of Mehserle and Oscar Gant pictures here.

"Civil rights attorney John Burris says he has interviewed at least one witness to the shooting who disputes the police allegations that Jones was reaching for his waistband," says San Francisco news station KTVU Channel 2 news.

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