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San Francisco bar bans Google Glass following Feb. incident

Even though Google Glass isn't yet available to the general public, one California bar is preempting possible future issues by banning the high-tech glasses inside the establishment.

According to The LA Times on Wednesday, the owner of San Francisco bar The Willows, which is said to be popular among the tech savvy, posted a sign above the entrance featuring a picture of Google Glass with a red circle and slash through it.

"Our patrons have expressed concern with being recorded while enjoying themselves at the Willows. Kindly remove before entering," the sign reads.

Owner Tim Ryan says the move was prompted by an incident that occurred late last month at Molotov's, another San Francisco bar. Social media consultant Sarah Slocum, who was wearing her pair of Google Glasses inside the bar, made headlines after a confrontation with some patrons who were concerned about being recorded without their consent. Slocum claims she was verbally and physically assaulted and robbed during the incident and later posted a clip she recorded with the Google Glass in which two patrons try to block the camera.

"Our policy definitely was in reaction to what happened at Molotov's," Ryan tells Business Insider. "Since there are no actual laws that we're aware of limiting what people with Glass can and cannot record, we feel the best thing for us now is to play it safe by not allowing them at all at this point."

The Willows' sister restaurant, The Sycamore, has adopted the same policy.

There is no set wide release date for Google Glass as of yet, but Google's Explorer Program lets interested parties test out the technology for $1,500.

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