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San Francisco Accelerator to Host Startup Pitch Competition in July 2014

Silicon Valley, the tech industry, and startups go hand in hand, which is why San Francisco has become an unparalleled destination for aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world. The sheer concentration of early-stage startups, investors, and major tech corporations in the Bay Area is astounding, however, that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to become successful.

But, along with the high volume of early-stage startups in the Bay, there are also countless accelerator programs and incubators that can help new businesses get their feet off the ground and on the path to achieving their objectives. One of the newest, and already one of the more impressive programs is called Founders Space and it’s located in the heart of SF’s tech industry at SOMA Central, the former home of Instagram, Twilio, and many more.

Operated by long-time startup advisors Steve Hoffman, Founders Space has a comprehensive package that it offers early stage startups. First, businesses must apply and be accepted to Founders Space’s “Boot Camp” program, but once they are entered in, they are immediately able to join the accelerators co-working space in the city’s SOMA district. From there, the companies will go through an intensive 4-week course that will offer them networking events, learning seminars, advising sessions and more.

“Our goal is to use our highly experienced network of advisors, VCs, and angel investors to teach these companies everything they need to know about how to run a successful business, and to also offer them some unrivaled connections to our personal business networks,” said Steve Hoffman.

During the 4-week boot camp, the Founders Space startups will learn how to identify and achieve product-market fit, how to brand and market their company, and how to pitch their business to potential investors.

“We have a great learning course set up for our companies that’s been written by industry professionals and will be taught by experienced advisors, founders, and investors,” Steve Hoffman said. “A lot of early-stage companies have great ideas that have the potential to turn into the biggest brands on the planet, but they don’t have the experience to make it work. That’s what Founders Space is built for.”

Along with offering co-working space, educational courses, and access to an unbeatable network, Founders Space also plans to host regular pitch competitions where companies can pitch their ideas to a board of investors at the same time, and also use the events to grow their professional network. Founders Space will be holding their very first pitch contest on July 15, and is currently taking applications to participate.

For early-stage startups, Founders Space is offering a truly unique and promising experience to learn and take your company to the next level. Whether you need to learn how to market and sell your brand, or you’re looking for advising or funding, Founders Space has it all, and they’re just getting started.

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