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San Diego Zoo names first lady of Star Trek


The San Diego Zoo has announced its own Sumatran Tiger Cub as the new member of the Roddenberry family. "Majel" was born October 10, 2010 and was given the name in honor of the late first lady of Star Trek, Majel Barrett Roddenberry. "For those who do not know, my mother was a staunch animal supporter. Her favorites were cats, large or small... her passion for them knew no bounds" says Rod Roddenberry, the son of Gene and Majel Roddenberry.

Currently an endangered species, the cub will only be on display at the zoo for a few months. The future home isn't yet decided, as these types of cats are moved from one sanctuary to another all around the world.


  • Profile picture of Jesse Coffey
    Jesse Coffey 4 years ago

    What a precious wee thing. And what a great homage to a terrific lady. Well done.