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San Diego's highest ground

Old San Diego life fills days under the Serra Mission arches in Presidio Park.
Old San Diego life fills days under the Serra Mission arches in Presidio Park.
Adam Benjamin

The future good life would flourish on the hilltop that now stands above Old Town San Diego. In 1769, locals, Indians and Spanish settlers, would never turn back. Father Junipero Serra, and a band of soldiers, had built the mission and a presidio local work on building a town began.

Hand crafted artifacts, housed in a museum aged since the 1920s Mexicans and Americans worked alongside the settlers in a new museum building, teach today's San Diegans the life, and culture, first taken up at the hilltop mission. The views out over the city, and into the Pacific Ocean, seen at the site San Diego began do not have limits. Spectacular. The locals agree.

Humble life stays settled on Presidio Drive in Presidio Park. Looks into the past days filled with work happen during Sunday tours a docent leads. Through July. Preserving the Catholic clergy's customary mission deeds, and the locals' peaceful farm work, gives San Diegans the opportunity to think about life's beginnings. And, take pride.

Walkers get the message on the keys to local history at "one of the most famous landmarks in San Diego." The most enlightening times are not forgotten.

Local work on building the town has lasted since Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, another museum story, found the bay, and Guillermo Carillo, a presidio man together with Serra, found his family's shelter here.

The San Diego Historical Society keeps the SPanish revival mission set up to stand open to visitors ont he hilltop. Events held ont he museum plaza, near the arches San DIegans stand together, remind today's locals Serra showed the way on working together on a Southern California community's culture. Visitors find "something for everybody."

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