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San Diego's Fluxx Nightclub invites you to party like the Wolf of Wall Street

just another day at Fluxx
just another day at Fluxx
Photo credit - Fluxx

Ever dreamt of partying like they do on the 'Big Screen'? For a limited time only, San Diego's ever-changing super-club, Fluxx is honoring Martin Scorsese's Best Picture nominated, The Wolf of Wall Street, by giving San Diegans a chance to sink their teeth into extravagance and party like "the Wolf" himself, Jordan Belfort.

Happening now through March 2nd (Oscar night), Fluxx is providing partygoers with an opportunity to walk in the luxurious loafers of the legendary partier Jordan Belfort portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street; the nightclub is offering the upper echelon of VIP packages to San Diegans for those willing to shell out a little coin. Partying like "the Wolf" means celebrating in excess with ostentatious as its backdrop, nothing frugal about partying like they do in the movies-- Fluxx knows this, and San Diego's top club has the VIP package/showcase to prove it -- a package fit for a king or queen, with all the lavish trimmings, but of course with more bells and whistles.

This $50,000 dollar larger than life package includes:

A personal chef prepared private dinner aboard a luxury yacht in the renowned San Diego bay; A chariot in the form of Rolls Royce Limousine Transportation; Center VIP table at Fluxx with 6L "Ace of Spades" Brut champagne, delivered by Mighty Mike -- the nightclub's midget superhero; and last but certainly not least, a one night stay at the downtown Hotel Palomar in a 2-bedroom Penthouse suite.

There is only one nightclub that could satiate those looking to indulge in a night that could be appreciated by the real Wolf of Wall Street; Fluxx is up for this challenge and offers a package that would certainly make Leonardo DiCaprio's character utter a howl or two.