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San Diego perfumer debuts Coronado-inspired scent

Debut fragrance, Ocean Boulevard, on sale now
Photo credit: Peachy Keen Perfume |

World traveler, teacher, perfumer, business owner are just a few of the titles that Virginia-bred, Coronado-based, Jeanette Price, creator and owner of Peachy Keen Perfume, can call her own. She has been crafting artisan scents and approving final packaging details to debut her first fragrance, Ocean Boulevard, available now.

Since initially meeting Jeanette just a few months ago, she has rebranded her website, launched Ocean Boulevard and is focused on a second fragrance to be released later this summer.

After sharing a beach discovery on a beautiful day in Coronado, turns out whale vomit excites her. She shared this fascinating, yet slightly disgusting trivia tip: Ambergris, a.k.a. whale vomit, is a valuable commodity in the perfume world. Turns out the colorful blob washed up on shore wasn’t ambergris, but still it makes one want to keep a lookout on future beach strolls.

In an email interview with Jeanette, she shares what made her choose perfumery as a career, what inspires her, and what we can expect in the months to come.

Courtney Hartmann: What made you want to become a perfumist?
Jeanette Price: Scent can truly take you places. And I have always been aware of emotions, nostalgia, and memories that a fragrance can create. I have always loved writing and how literature can evoke emotions. Perfumery is similar, yet more innate. I wanted to become a perfumer to tell stories through fragrances.

CH: How long have you been working on your first scent from this collection?
JP: Ocean Boulevard got its namesake from the street in Coronado that files along the beach. Using that as inspiration, it took me four months, which actually isn’t that long in perfumery.

CH: How would you describe the scent?
JP: It’s distinctively airy while still intimate. It features a heart of diffusive jasmine, a blend of musk and vetiver base note, and a pop of bergamot as citrus on the top note.

CH: What inspires your creativity when creating your perfumes?
JP: Places are rich with scents, its all about tuning in. For me stories are incredibly inspiring, I find myself at the moment mostly inspired by poetry and the lives of contemporary ordinary people.

CH: What can expect from you for the rest of 2014?
JP: A collection of fragrances inspired by local San Diego places, and the beginning of two more collections inspired by my love of poetry and people.

CH: Tell me a little bit about your background and how you decided to pursue perfumery as a career.
JP: There is so much to tell! I grew up in Virginia. Went to a great liberal arts college that encourage exploring personal interests. I studied, lived, and worked a few summers in Paris. Graduated from college and moved on my own, independently, to Morocco, where I lived for two years. Along with growing as a person, I also learned how to make perfume. Fragrance is an inherent part of French culture, but I didn’t get to really learn it until I lived in Morocco. I loved it. It was a passion that I wanted to pursue but wasn’t sure how. The opportunity presented itself here in San Diego, and I am very grateful for it.

Ocean Boulevard is sold at and at Make Good in South Park. Visit Peachy Keen Perfume at:

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