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San Diego is number one in this tourist's book

If you were in the market for a good time and if you had to consider which city it would be had in, who wouldn’t pick San Diego

San Diego ought to be number one in all surveys
San Diego Chamber of Commerce
San Diego ranks in the top 10 for sure
San Diego Chamber of Commerce

The top 10 list is one everybody knows provided they watch Dave Letterman. However the top 10 of best cities in the US depends on who does the listing. Tripadvisor builds the top 10 differently than does Forbes. The top 10 may also be defined by purpose. If you want to eat your way through cities with great BBQ, that would be a different list than if you were trying to find places that are entertaining for your kids.

For this report, we can go with Forbes with their propensity toward sheer statistics. Forbes lists cities in number of people to pass through the gates yearly.

San Diego ranks in the top 10 with Forbes for most visited cities with Orlando, New York, Chicago, Anaheim, Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, and San Diego listed in rank order from #1 to #10 according to Forbes.

I suppose what this says is if Walt had built Disneyworld in San Diego there would be no holding us back. San Diego is wonderful on many fronts.

San Diego offers clean, beautiful beaches; world famous animal displays such as Seaworld and the Zoo and Birch Aquarium; Tourist shops such as Seaport Village, Old Town, and Horton Plaza; Hotels are plentiful enough to remain affordable for most; There are numerous museums, and the 14 museums in Balboa Park are available with an annual pass under $100 for unlimited use year round; But the weather is what makes most settle into a bliss that is perpetual happiness. There are no tornados, hurricanes, snow storms, and to date the earthquakes that do visit San Diego have been pretty mellow.

Survey after survey reports San Diego is just plain fun to visit. There you can eat well. Visit theme parks for children’s joy. Eat well with celebrity chefs putting on the dog. Enjoy ethnic diversity with Little Italy providing good eats galore and plenty of Asian food available along with shear abundance of Mexican eateries for the palate looking for a little spice.

Mr. San Diego may be gone with Tony Gwynn’s passing but his spirit lingers on because San Diego will continue to love him for decades to come.

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