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San Diego hiphop artist X.O. releases the spaced out visual spectacle "Gravity"

Seat belts firmly strapped and prepare for lift off. Just a suggestion when watching "Gravity", the latest music video from San Diego hiphop artist Xavier Osayande, better known to his fans and followers as X.O.

Photo by Sven Dreesbach

The 25-year-old emcee and songwriter released a visual gem last Wednesday with the launch of his spaced out music video "Gravity", and within a week of its release, the video has already been featured on the likes of Complex's Best of Both Offices and popular music blog Thissongslaps. Simply put, the song and video are as 'spacey' as the great unknown, fueled by lyrical chops that place the 'bar' for unsigned talent across the Web, somewhere out of this atmosphere.

Trippy is just the tip of the visual iceberg from X.O.’s latest out of this world concoction. The music video boldly treks into a psychedelic kaleidoscope of visuals and eroticism, while exploring the San Diego artist’s conscience. The emcee uses his lyricism as a road map to explain the daily tightrope we all walk between good and evil. This video gets a rocket-fueled boost by the sultry vocals of former Jr. Miss Teen California Claire Wright.

The title “Gravity”, not to be confused with film starring Sandra Bullock, came from a clever metaphor X.O. discovered along his 14-month soul-searching exploration. According to the 25-year-old, metaphorically, "the devil is the gravity that is holding us all down". In this video, the artist is faced with temptation, seduction and a plethora of demons as he struggles not to tip the scales of good and bad too far in the wrong direction.

Look out for more from X.O. as he continues to release more tantalizing bread crumbs leading up to the anticipated release of his next LP Bringing Back the Elephant.

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