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San Diego Farmers Markets are the best

What is there to do here in my city? That is the recurring question of the day no matter which day of each week we’re talking about. If I lived in Elgin, MN I should think the possibilities would be limited. My eating companion lived in Elgin for over 20 years but for her to get there now that she’s a San Diegan; she’d need the way back machine.

San Diego has the best farmers markets
Pay a little more for good health is no question

I love San Diego because it would seem there is an unlimited supply of things to do:
• Hiking the hundreds of miles of well maintained trails
• Shopping the giant malls throughout San Diego County
• Attending the theatres
• Eating foods prepared by celebrity chefs
• Cheering for my favorite team with pals in a good sports bar
• Watching the game at the big league venues

Damn! I could go on and on from sea to desert with mountains in between there is just too much to do when you live or play in San Diego, CA.

It doesn’t even take that much money to do much of it. It takes good health to do it all and for that you’ve got to take care of yourself. That means eating the right foods and building the right parts of your body. Go to the search window on and put in my name (Ted Gammon) and you’ll find plenty of links to good hiking trails, wineries, and I want to give you links to good eats. I hope Alton doesn’t think I’m infringing on his turf.

It is said you are what you eat. By that they mean you’re healthy when you eat health foods. We’re talking “organic” foods which aren’t loaded with pesticides, preservatives, modified genes, and such and usually for that joy you’ll pay a wee bit more but what is your good health worth to you?

No matter which day of the week it is, there is an organic food section open for your pleasure where you can actually meet the farmer who grew the food you’re planning to eat tonight. I am planning on doing a series of articles on the various Farmers Markets all around San Diego in the next few issues of my City Guide pieces. I’ll do one each month for a few months and see how much my own health improves in the search for the best!

For now use the following link for a head start on my market analysis yielding the knowledge needed to decide for yourself where to spend your hard earned bucks for your food from which market. Simply enough I can tell you to look at Yelp for a good list of Farmers Market locations and times to shop

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